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Ice Hockey Match

Dover Ice rink

Story submitted by Anna Hopaluk

Dover Ice rink

The Dover Community ice rink which was originally built approx. 10 years ago by the Calgary Flames Foundation has been a buzzing place this skating season. It is nestled on the backside of the Community Association which gives it a safer feeling being away from the flow of traffic. We are thankful for the volunteers who have given many hours of their time to make the ice and keep it maintained for the steady flow of skaters who are coming to skate from all over the city. The Dover Community Association has been gifted pairs of skates in various sizes and volunteers given out skates to 20+ first time skaters after suggesting to give this Canadian pastime a try. We have since seen many of these now skaters returning to the ice to perfect their technique. The Dover ice rink has brought the sense of community and a place to get some valued exercise to many families and individuals young & old.

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