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I have been able to connect with some of you in Dover. However, there are many of you with whom I have not connected. With the support from Dover Community Association and a few others in the community, I have started this website with a hope to enhance my work by being able to connect and engage with you. 


As a City Community Social Worker for Dover, my role and responsibility is to support your efforts and ideas to build a thriving community. Though this role definition appears very broad, it actually opens up many possibilities for us to connect. This could practically mean anything; it could be a coffee conversation with you to discuss about the community or it could be exploring some collective action to address a specific community issue or it could be about bringing a specific training to build our skills and capacities. I could also be connecting you with other resources and supports available in the community. Through all these, we are trying to build a community where every resident, regardless of their background and identity, has opportunities to participate and thrive. We envision a community where we are able to connect with each other going beyond our individual and collective identities. A community where everyone feels included and has opportunities to participate - this is goal that we are collectively striving for. 


So, I always look for an opportunity to connect with you. It is not at all necessary that you have to have a big dream or a reason for us to connect! It could be your simple curiosity to learn more about the community or you would like to offer a particular skill - I will be happy to connect. 

Thank you, and please share any suggestions that you may have. you can always reach me at 403-510-3045/

Warm regards,

Binu Sebastian

Community Social Worker

The City of Calgary.

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