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Karen begg

Karen Begg is a Dover resident who has initiated a number of community-based projects to animate the community. Karen is an artist by profession and all her works in the community too imbibe with that artistic touch! She has 5 artworks along the 17 BRT Max Purple line. Some of her notable contributions to the community are; organising Jane's Walk, Supporting Resident Plex Free Pantry in Dover, Stewards Free Little Library, supporting anti-graffiti initiatives, supporting City's Neighbourhood Grants Committee and supporting the beautification of Community Garden. However, her recent project involving seniors in Dover to support their mental health and well-being during Covid-19 has been widely recognised and acknowledged. By helping seniors to create beautiful and meaningful pieces of art, this project not only supported their emotional wellness but also helped them to give expression to their creative side. Furthermore, the artworks created by the seniors have been well-used to decorate the community garden bringing positive vibes of hope and cheer to the community.

So, here is to Karen from Dover!

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