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Anna Hopaluk

Anna has been an enthusiastic volunteer/leader in the community of Dover. Through Community Association facebook page, she has done a marvelous job of regularly updating the residents in the community about the latest programs and services available in the community. She has also been at the top of responding to residents as and when they had questions or queries. In addition to this, her commitment and leadership to maintain the rink has been a real blessing to the community residents in this difficult time. Through Anna's leadership, and by mobilizing other volunteers from the community, she has kept the rink usable for residents. Above all, she keeps the residents updated as to what the status of the rink is on a particular day! Her contribution has been valuable to the community of Dover. It is my belief that Anna is also involved in various other roles to support the community to be more inclusive, friendly and vibrant.

So, here is to Anna Hopaluk!

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