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Story of Twin Views Communal garden!

Written by Cathy Taylor, Dover resident

Twin Views Communal Garden (TVCG) is a unique resource in the Dover community.  From its inception as a repurposed tennis court in 2012, TVCG has had a clear vision and has achieved many goals while pursuing new challenges.  These goals include creating a safe space that is accessible to all, educating through sharing of knowledge, providing opportunities for growth both individually and collectively, and most importantly, growing food to share with the broader district while continuing to adapt to meet the needs of the community. Our success has been realized with the support of many partnerships, including The City of Calgary, the Calgary Foundation, the Parks Foundation, the Dover Community Association, both the Calgary Public and Separate school boards, and Youth Central.  Several other organizations and businesses, as well as our committed volunteers, have enabled TVGC to become the sensational place it is.  Opportunities to explore, learn and share are provided by the many activities and projects held throughout the year.  Examples of these include an annual garden planting and harvesting celebration, outdoor education classes and workshops, garden design and construction ventures, installations of art and hosting community events.  Twin Views Communal Garden is a gathering space for anyone wanting to improve and support the community, to learn new gardening skills, to make meaningful connections and to discover the possibilities to create a truly wonderful garden.


Photos from Twin Views Communal Garden

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