Rock by The Sea

 - Binu Sebastian

I am like a rock by the side of an angry sea

Battered by vengeful waves

Hitting me hard one after another

With no respite in site.


The unending waves of this pandemic

Joined by waves of injustice and inequality

I can only see the tunnel, not the light

Only the cloud hovering over me.


Uncertainties all around

Like a multitude of waves

I fear one wave will take me down

To the bottom of the sea.


But despite the fear and angst

I see the Light within me

The Light that held me for years

The Light that held the billions of lives


The Light lit for eternity

The Light that never dimmed

The Light that never failed

The Light that led me through many turbulence


With this Light on my side I say to the waves

Hit me hard to the fullest

But rejoice not in your fury

Bruised, dented and fatigued

I will stand tall with the Light


The waves will recede

And rays of sun will embrace me again

My beauty, majesty and exuberance

Will shine like an old man’s smile!

Inspired by Elisabeth Kubler -  Ross who said "Should you cover the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings"